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Testimonials for Inessa's work as a Feng Shui consultant and BaZi astrologer

 I have just had Inessa come to my home for the third time. Every time she gives a Feng Shui consultation, she is full of good ideas and advice. She has had such a positive effect on our relationship, our life is much calmer and we are more relaxed

I got more than just a Feng Shui consultation for my house. The tips and changes Inessa suggested have changed my attitude. I feel so positive!
Mrs P Jackson

I am a small business owner, based in Northampton. Inessa was recommended to me by a friend.
Our small office and retail trade outlet was not doing well. I do not pretend to understand how all the changes she asked us to make to the position of furniture, adding plants. Stopping negative energy. All I can say in the last 4 months our turnover has increased by 27% 
Very happy with the results , would recommend her services without hesitation
Jeanette and Steve 

Спасибо большое Инессе за такой удивительно, интересный гороскоп!!!Очень впечатляет, много неожиданных нюансов. C уважением. 

Спасибо за очередной гороскоп,уже третий год пользуюсь вашими советами, подсказками,очень благодарна,так как они мне помогают выбрать правильное направление в самых сложных для меня решений.

We bought a Georgian house 18 months ago. From the start my husband and I never felt comfortable or Cosy at home. We read online about bad energy in some older houses and contacted a couple of Feng Shui consultants by phone 
We decided to use Inessa because she was straight to the point, the other consultant used technical jargon which was confusing, for people who are not trained in Feng Shui 
We were not disappointed with choosing Inessa. Her detailed analysis and solutions have transformed our cold unfriendly house into the cosy, warm inviting home we had always dreamed of.
St Neotts 

I love the way Inessa explained to me about my Chinese Horoscope. She was amazing , we had never met and was shocked in a good way how accurate she read for me. It really has given me a new positive direction to my life and I have applied for the new job!
St Albans

Спасибо вам Инесса за вашу постоянную помощь,которую вы оказываете мне уже несколько лет. Я уверенна без вашей Фен Шуй консультации, мне было бы трудно быть такой смелой, уверенной и преуспевающей.

The second time I have had a reading. The first Chinese horoscope was so to the point. It told me so many things about me, that helped me in my relationship with my long term boyfriend
I came back for a second reading for my sister. I could not believe it was like she knew her, my sister was so happy with Inessa suggestions
She was very generous with her time and I asked her a lot of questions about Feng Shui, so inspiring !

Какой интересный у вас гороскоп, час так прилетел быстро, хотелось ещё слушать и слушать вас.

Спасибо за гороскоп, очень впечатляет,обязательно буду следовать вашим советам.

Какой интересный гороскоп!!!Kакой насыщенный ..не дождусь когда вы приедете в Тбилиси к нам в гости, на кофе.

Спасибо за ваш мастер класс Фен Шуй, по скайпу, как подсоберу деньги,обязательно пройду у вас второй урок.
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