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                                                               Feng Shui workshops for 2018 

Provisional booking  ----Workshop Saturday, 10 of March 2018

Workshop: Improve your life with Feng Shui Tips
Date: March 10
Time: 10:00-16:00

Workshop will include :

• What Feng Shui is, how can it help you
• Feng Shui for your bedroom
• Feng Shui for your front door
• Feng Shui for the office
• What is chi and how the chi flows (chi is an energy, how it moves from place to place)
• Introduction to five elements
• Applying bagua for the house
• Will demonstrate how to use the compass in a very simple beginner’s level for Feng Shui (to be able to find the direction in your house and apply bagua)
• Dealing with clutter
• Space clearing
• Feng Shui cures
• Questions and answers

The workshop is for absolute beginners.This workshop will give you an overview of Feng shui.Do not worry you will not be overloaded with all formulas, principles and complicated stuff, but at the same time you will get an idea of how useful Feng Shui is. You will take home a lot of practical suggestions .

To book your place please send us an email with your full name,telephone number and which workshop you wish to book.
Full payment is required in advance to guarantee your place at the workshop
Note: Latest booking date by -----
Please read our cancellation policy
For more details contact Inessa Liang 
07503 423158

Details of the venue address to be released soon

Cancellation policy
We reserve all rights to cancel a workshop at any time if necessary. Full refund will be issued.
If you wish to cancel your booking for your workshop, we require 7 day notice in writing via email to receive a full refund, otherwise we will charge you in full for your booking.

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