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What feng shui really is?

Defining feng shui is an extremely difficult task, not because it is a slippery subject that defies definition but because the add-ons to the subject have made it become something that is all things to all people and anything to everything. Well, this is the closest explanation what feng shui is, “The cosmic trinity concept”. The concept is that success is derived from a combination of three factors: Man luck, Earth Luck and Heaven luck.
Man luck (Your own actions, beliefs and behaviour). 
Heaven luck (Your astrological chart). 
Earth luck (Your feng shui). 
So as you can see feng shui consists of only 33% of the equation for success in life-the earth luck factor. 
 Your capacity for success, in whatever area you want, is also dictated to the extent of 33% by what is known as your astrology chart - this is the heaven luck factor. 
And your own efforts (perseverance, patience, persistence, hard work and determination) - the man luck factor accounts for 33% of the outcome as well. 
So while feng shui IS IMPORTANT, it is not the be all and end all. It is not an overnight factor that can triumph over everything else. Nor is it a miracle cure, no matter how “potent” the system is. Your personal astrology and destiny also comes into play. Pure (classical) feng shui is not a religion. It is not based on placing the objects in the house, for example a Buddha statue, money frogs, wind charms, etc... Classical feng shui based on compass directions, observations, numbers and much more. Feng shui can identify what is going on in your life and the adjustments that can be made so that you are in the best position to deal with all challenges that comes your way.
                                                                                                                          --Courtesy of Joey Yap-- 

How can feng shui help me?  
Can it really bring me health, wealth and happiness? 

 Feng shui can only increase the probability of these factors happening. Let’s say for example if we see good numbers. Which represent many good things, floating in one of the areas of your home. That may indicate good fortune, but it’s up to you to make it happen. Feng shui can only create an urge, increasing your motivation and likelihood of success. Feng shui is not a cure - all solution. A lot of people are unaware that most of the time their home, work place and environment are working against them. Sometimes very simple and small adjustments can make a big difference.

 How long will your home feng shui consultation take? 

There are two visits needed for Home Feng Shui consultation. Each visit  takes approximately four hours. Sometimes even longer, it all depends on the size of the property and the type of consultation. There will be additional working hours off site prior to and after your consultation, to make all necessary calculations. Preparation of the report, which will be sent to you via email. Normally between two visits there is a gap of one week, needed for all necessary job. 

 How much does the consultation cost? 

Prices vary, depending on the type of consultation, size of your home, etc... Please refer to the menu bar to choose the consultation that suits your needs best. All details are listed. 

 What qualifications do you have? 

 Please refer to the menu bar for qualifications.  

What is the difference between a Home Feng Shui consultation  and Buying a Home Feng Shui consultation  (Type 1 service and Type 2 service)?

Home Feng Shui consultation is for those who have no chance to choose. Who live in the place and want to improve it. The consultation is done thoroughly  with a  full report, which includes all details about your house - who is supported in the house, where the good/bad area is, what to do about it... Calculations with all formulas, using various  techniques...etc, basically it is making the best with what we have...

Buying Home Feng Shui consultation is for those who are buying house/houses and want  to know which one is a good buy. 
Will the house prosper? Does the house have bad/good energy? Is the house supported by  its surroundings? Are walls, rooms...etc, built  in an auspicious way or something creates a  sha (negative) energy? Can it be changed OR better to choose another house.
These types of consultations are an overview feng shui and they are not detailed. There is no  detailed report provided and there is no thorough calculations. You will not be given such details like ,who this house will support,where to sit, sleep, eat, create an office...etc. But do not underestimate this consultation, because the plot, area, shape, walls, structure is VERY important for good feng shui. The difference between clients who have a pre - purchase consultation and those who have no choice (they only can do Home Feng Shui) is, that the pre - purchase consultation is already giving you a very good foundation for good feng shui. The next step is to do a  Home Feng Shui consultation to adjust everything and make sure that the client is using the full potential of  good fundamentals. 

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