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Home Feng Shui

Home Feng Shui

  Feng Shui First Choice offers a personal Home Feng Shui consultation service which can help you to improve the energy of your home, identify the areas of your home that have a positive or negative impact on everyone who lives in your home. Create a better health and vitality for all occupants. Bring more balance and support from external surrounding. Help you to attract prosperity through your own actions and choices. Help you to identify blockages and prevent emotional roller coasters in your life. Bring you harmony, love and happiness. 

Home Feng Shui consultation includes:

A simple questionnaire will be sent to you, which you will have to complete and return.

You also will be required to provide an accurate A4 sized floor plan of your home (hand drawn is fine) to scale of your home. You can ask your local council to provide the floor plan of your house or check with the estate agent you bought the house through. Sometimes you can find the floor plan of your house on line.

You will be sent dates for the consultation. You will have to choose two dates. Please allow half a day for each consultation. Sometimes additional visits are required.

The Initial consultation (first home visit)

Involves a talk with all adult members of the household.
Identifying what would you like to achieve with feng shui, needs, concerns, aspirations...
What are your priorities?
Taking pictures of every room of your home.
Identifying problems associated with clutter.
Assessment of the landscape influences.
Taking a compass reading,using a complex Chinese Luopan compass.
Finding the direction your property faces and where it sits, in relation to the topography of the local environment.
Going through every room and assessing the energy, decorations, colours, plants, mirrors,
External form - landscape, buildings...
Internal form - position of furniture, doors, walls, windows...
Answering any questions the client have.

The second consultation (second home visit)

A detailed written report (in english) will be sent to you by email (we advise you to print the report and have a hard copy for your convenience to make notes when consultant visits you the second time).
The report will be with detailed feng shui analysis and a summary of recommendations for your home.
In depth discussion of the report and the adjustment that can be made to improve your life.
Feng shui consultant will go through room by room analysis explaining what has to be done in order
to improve the energy flow in the home in order to achieve the desired beneficial results.
 Answering your questions about report.

Feng shui methods used in a Feng Shui consultation:

Xing Shi Pai - Form School - understanding the existing chi pattern so we can realise the potential for change, eliminating or deflecting the undesirable energy and at the same time assembling and cultivating the auspicious energy.

Ba Zhai Ming Jing - Eight Houses School – Emphases on the occupants.Where is the best direction to sleep, sit, relax, eat...etc.

Fei Xing Pai - Flying stars - We assign numerical values to stars and through calculations we can look at energy patterns.Each number has specific attributes such as polarity yin or yang, an area of influence. Personal matters versus wealth matters and the elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water.By obtaining the flying stars chart of the property, we are essentially able to determine the areas or rooms in a property with the positive and negative energy.

Xuan Kong Da Gua – more related to the landscape.

After the consultation a back up service is provided up to three months via telephone or email, to assist with any questions you may have.

Report is written in english.

The guide price from  £289 +
Annual revisit (providing no structural changes are made to the property) from  £138 +

The price depends on the size of your home,location and how many people live in the property.  
In order to get an exact price, please send us an email with the information below:

1. Location of the property
2. Address
3. How many square meters is your home
4. How many bedrooms
5. How many people live in your home
6.Floor plan


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