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Buying a house

Buying a new home  

Feng Shui First Choice offers a service for buying a new home - there are two types of services:  

Type 1 service

Before you make a final decision what property to choose it is wise to consider having a pre-purchase feng shui inspection.
Feng shui consultant will visit with you all chosen houses.Collect all data, checking the shape of the plot, taking pictures, floor plans of the property, checking the immediate surroundings. Road junctions and road layouts, neighbouring areas, local shops, schools and topographical features.
 You will have to provide floor plans for each house before meeting with feng shui consultant and visiting the prospective properties.

While looking at all properties with consultant, you will be getting a clear idea what NOT to buy.

Answering all your questions.

You will be emailed a short report (in english), post consultation.Report is written in english.

Type 1 service Fee

Please contact us via email providing your details what service you require.

Type 2 Service

If you have already chosen your home and you would like to know a feng shui consultant’s opinion before you make a final decision,then this is for you. We call it an overview feng shui.
It can be done with one visit, which will include:
An in depth conversation.
Assessment of the landscape influences.
Taking a compass reading, using a complex Chinese Luopan compass.
Finding the direction your property faces and where it sits, in relation to the topography of the local environment.
Going through every room and assessing the energy.
External form - landscape, buildings...
Internal form-position of  doors, walls, windows...
Answering any of your questions. 
The visit can take up to 4 hours, sometimes it can be longer, all depends on a size of the house.

 Type 2  Service Fee 

Please contact us via email providing your details what service you require.

 Note: If after the house purchase you would like to have a detailed home feng shui consultation on your new home, please refer to “Home feng shui” page. 

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