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                                                                       About Inessa Liang 
   Inessa Liang is a certified Feng Shui consultant and a specialist in Chinese BaZi astrology.
She is a member of The International Feng Shui Association.  


Beijing Language and Culture University, BLCU - as an orientalist.B.A.(Hons)
ECOFS, London's accredited Professional Training Course taught by Feng Shui master Howard Choy - Classical feng shui, Form school, Compass school, Flying stars, Xuan Kong Da Gua.
Feng Shui Research centre Four Pillars of Destiny taught by Ting-Foon Chik.
Mastery Academy, Qi Men Dun Jia taught by Master Joey Yap.
Raymond Lo's school of Feng Shui & Destiny, Bazi & I Ching taught by Raymond Lo. 
She is fluent in three languages. English, mandarin Chinese and Russian.

                                                        A little more about Inessa Liang  

  Inessa Liang was raised by her Chinese Grandmother, she had an early interest in Chinese culture as her grandparents had many old books and antiques from their life in Shanghai.
   She moved to China at age 17 and later decided to start studying at Beijing Language and Culture University. She graduated with a Master's degree in Chinese Language and Culture, she became a qualified orientalist.
   She spent the next nineteen years living in Beijing, where she became more fascinated with the culture. It was there when she heard about traditional classical Feng Shui for the first time. Deep understanding of Chinese culture and also being a fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese, was making her experience of studying classical feng shui more fascinating.Understanding the ancient wisdom of authentic Feng Shui was the first step in the career path she wanted to pursue.
   She works with clients in a straight forward manner, she does not use unnecessary jargon, she presents her work to clients in an easy to read, understandable logical format.

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